E-mail is the most important and indispensable service

E-mail is the most important and indispensable service in the cyber-world, and to top it all- It comes free!

But what matters is how you squeeze out all of its advantages and exploit it's innumerable features. Sometimes, setting up your e-mail and configuring it's settings is a hard nut to crack, sensing the infinite options and service-providers available. That's where we come into the picture. Our vastly experienced technicians provide you support services in a range from the initialization of your e-mail accounts to full customer support for e-mail errors and issues.

Flex PC Support provides full customer support for email related issues for all brands. You can easily reach us through e-mail or phone.

We can help you:

  • Reset your wireless Router Password
  • To recover your emails password
  • For Sending & Receiving issues
  • To protect your emails by phising
  • To Reset your email password.
  • To get rid of lots of Junk or Spaming
  • To Reset your email password
  • To create an email account with a strong password
  • To protect your email accounts
  • To confiugure mail settings on your PC

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