All the issues related to printers and scanners can only be resolved

All the issues related to printers and scanners can only be resolved online by our team through remote access. Software and working issues can be dealt by us but problems related to malfunctioning hardware and faulty equipment cannot be fixed physically, and should be taken to your brand's support services.

When you ponder back in time and try to remember the most difficult and sweat-breaking moments of your life, it's seemingly obvious that setting-up and configuring your printer would at least make the top ten of that longsome list. Buying a printer/scanner, comes along with a gratuity of problems related to it's configuration, installation & uninstallation of software and unknown error messa

Flex PC Support vastly experienced technicians provide top-notch online support and maintenance for your printers, copier, or scanner; be it of any brand or model. We also expertize in analyzing your printing requirements and offering assistance in selecting the best printer or scanner in accord with your job and your budget.

We can help you:

  • Support to Install your Printer. (Wi-Fi, USB or with a LAN Cable)
  • Support to fix paper Jam or Letter head Jam.
  • Troubleshooting of Network, Lan or USB Printers.
  • Support for error generated by printers.
  • Support for cartridge jams.
  • Support for Plug & Play Errors.
  • Optimizing your printer performance through settings configuration.

If your computer is on the blink, just give us a call on our 9AM TO 5PM EST helpline: 1-866-520-9436

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